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The Holyspirit in the Life of a Believer (Part 3)

Prophetic Sound Dynamics
Theme: The Holyspirit in the Life of a Believer
Text: Acts 2:1-8

Topic: The Seven Spirits of God (Isaiah 11:1)


(1) The Spirit of The Lord is The Spirit of Lordship or The Spirit of Dominion. He is the Spirit that comes upon you and gives you unusual boldness and the sense of dominion. He puts you in charge at all times. He’s the Spirit of power! He takes away fear, and gives power, love and a sound mind! (2 Tim 1:7). He’s the Spirit that came upon the prophets of old and makes them decree God’s word before wicked Kong’s whom they would ordinarily been afraid of.

For example, he came upon Elijah and Elijah confronted wicked King Aha (1 Kings 21:20)

(2) He came upon Moses and Moses ‘tortured’ pharaoh with uninvited warnings to Let the People of God go and Pharaoh couldn’t order his execution.

(3) He came upon Joshua (Joshua 1:9) and the young man led an army of over 2 million people into the promised land

(4) He came over a young man named Azariah (2 Chronicles 15:1-2) and he began to prophesy!

(5) He came upon Ezekiel and he energized him with strength! (Ezekiel 2:1-2, Ezekiel 3:12, Ezekiel 3:14)

(6) He came upon Samson and he defeated the army of the Philistines as one man!

(7) He came upon Paul (Acts 18:9-11) and he began to minister the word

(7) He came upon Phillip and took him away to Azotus! (Acts 8:40)

(8) He came upon Mary, and she set the world record as the only woman with a baby without meeting a man! (Luke 1:28-35).

The Spirit of the Lord, when HE comes upon you, helps you to:

(1) Set and break records in your family, generation, and in the world
(2) Empowers you to speak boldly about God’s word (Luke 4:18)
(3) Empowers you to deal with (i.e to calm) the storms of life
(4) Empowers you to perform miracles without specially preparing for it (Acts 3:1-8)
(5) Change your present condition in life to your desired condition in life (Isaiah 32:15)

Please note:
(1) The Spirit of The Lord is not as gentle as most people think. When it comes upon you, something immediately happens to you, and through you that you never planned for, and can’t control (Acts 2:4,13; Mark 1:12- The Spirit drove him into the wilderness).

(2) You need to have been preparing and ready for him before he moves upon you. Otherwise, you’re misbehaving! (2 Tim 2:21)

(3) You can receive this any of the Spirit in full measure! In fact, God wants us to receive them in full measure! If we are to do the works that Jesus did and greater works, we need to have the same measure (level) of the Spirit of God that Jesus has.

Evidence of the Spirit of The Lord
(1) Speaking in Tongues
(2) Inner peace, knowing you’re in Charge at all times!
(3) A meek and quite Spirit, sensitive to pick divine signals

Prayer: Holyghost, come upon me!