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Praise Works Wonders (Part 5)

OCTOBER 24, 2019

Theme: Praise works wonders! (Part 5)
Text: Psalm 67:5-7

Understanding the Power of Praise.
Text: Ps 67:5-7

Praise is a covenant with God. Let the people praise…then the earth will…

God is a God of covenants; until you do what he wants, he won’t do what you want! In the natural you say ‘Thank you’ after receiving something, but in the Supernatural, you say ‘Thank you’ before receiving anything!

An understanding of this covenant keeping God and his terms of covenant in any subject of interest to us empowers us to do exploits! (Dan 11:32)

God’s covenant for blessings, increase, safety and all good things man will ever need is THANKSGIVING.

Why do we give thanks?
(1) It’s commanded (In everything, 1 Thess 5:18, for everything Eph 5:20)

(2) Heb 10:36- God confirms his word in our lives through the channel of Thanksgiving What you believe is great, what you say is awesome but what you celebrate is what God confirms. Celebrate God!

(3) Thanksgiving provokes fulfillment of Vision Example Abraham: Rom 4:16, vs 20. Giving glory to God facilitates fulfillment of prophecy! Whatever God says with his mouth, only his hands can perform it and we provoke his hands via thanksgiving and Praise!

(4) Thanksgiving triggers supernatural turnaround (Jer 30:19, Ps 67:5-7)

(5) Thanksgiving secures God’s blessings upon our lives (Mal 2:2-3). It’s not just giving God thanks but giving him thanks on time! (Jer 13:15-16).

A belated ‘thank you’ to God holds no value!
Until we thank God for the first, we’re not entitled for the next.
God’s first is not his best; it is only a test to see if you’ll return to give his all the glory!

(6) The power of Thanksgiving multiplies God’s blessings in our lives. John 6:11-13. Whatever you thank God for never finishes!

(7) Thanksgiving perfects God’s blessings in our lives (Luke 17:19)

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